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The Blocked Confusion

It’s funny but it kinda takes you a while to realize that what you’re facing is indeed THE Writer’s Block. And unfortunately by the time comprehension dawns, you’ve been in it for a while. The symptoms were clear, you just ignored them (as always is the case). It has taken me five complete months to reflect on the fact that I’ve not written anything ‘of late’. I’d read a lot about the dreaded block, but that I would end up going through it within a year of starting to write is something that took me by surprise. Ah well, my mind shurgs.

Writer's block

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Tryst With Time

I recently undertook my first international journey. It was only when I completed 24hrs of travel and reached my destination that I realized: Read more

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The Stuff for Thought

This thought keeps coming back to me no matter where I am or what I am going through: what is it that they really should be teaching at school? Is it the stuff that I was taught? Nah. After all, what out of all that I ‘studied’ can I not now Google? How much of it do I remember anyways? How much of it am I applying in life? The stuff that affects me at almost every step of my life isn’t something that was discussed, debated or even talked about anywhere. Not explicitly anyways. Keep reading…


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The Reel vs. Real Life

I was watching an old Bollywood super hit movie (DDLJ) on a rather sleepy Sunday afternoon, marveling at how larger-than-life stories appeal to us, even decades after they were first told.

If only our lives were just as dramatic and visually appealing… Read on…

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The Price We Pay

While reflecting back on the wrong choices made in life, a thought occurred to me.

What is it that we really pay for in life? Is it the stuff we purchase?

Well, not really.
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