The Tradition

I wanted to write a short piece on traditions.

I’m not a very traditional person, per se. Being a part of a nuclear family, we didn’t have many family traditions to follow and I don’t quite believe in them personally.

So you can imagine my surprise when I Read on…


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Bookworm Tip #1: Gift a Bookmark Too!

This is a short tip for this Christmas season: If you’re gifting a book to someone, make sure you add a unique bookmark too! Trust me, we bookworms secretly look forward to it (almost more than the book itself!). 

It can also serve as an additional face-saver if in case your receipient has already read the book – at least they’ll have a bookmark they’ll cherish!

So go ahead and put some thought into the bookmark too! Hunt for something special or if you’re the creative types perhaps you can make one! It’s just a little thought that might go a long way in saying that you really care! 🙂

May the spirit of giving be upon you this season!

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The Social Instinct

I was reading an article on Gliese 581g, an Earth-like planet newly discovered by scientists. Read more


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The Word on Reading

People often exclaim that I read a lot. I maintain that I don’t quite – certainly not as much as I would like. Read on…


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The Conversation Starter

I’m sure you must’ve thought of this at some point too – how strange this phenomenon is! It almost borders on amusement. I’m talking of the way people greet each other every time their paths cross! Find out more…


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The Old List

I found this list in the “Notes” section of my Facebook page. Read on…


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The Inspirational Theory

“Inspiration” is funny. Not because there is anything funny about the word per se. Read on…


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