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The Blocked Confusion

It’s funny but it kinda takes you a while to realize that what you’re facing is indeed THE Writer’s Block. And unfortunately by the time comprehension dawns, you’ve been in it for a while. The symptoms were clear, you just ignored them (as always is the case). It has taken me five complete months to reflect on the fact that I’ve not written anything ‘of late’. I’d read a lot about the dreaded block, but that I would end up going through it within a year of starting to write is something that took me by surprise. Ah well, my mind shurgs.

Writer's block

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The Tradition

I wanted to write a short piece on traditions.

I’m not a very traditional person, per se. Being a part of a nuclear family, we didn’t have many family traditions to follow and I don’t quite believe in them personally.

So you can imagine my surprise when I Read on…


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The Old List

I found this list in the “Notes” section of my Facebook page. Read on…


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From Outlook to the World – Part II

In Part 1, I discussed the five most important things a first-time Outlook user should be aware of, in order to get cracking with their email accounts. In Part 2, I continue (and conclude) my list of 10 by speaking about the next five things you must know about your Outlook ID, before you sink into the depths of your project-work routine.  Read on…

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The First Blog

“My brain tweets faster than I can type”

The thing about writing something of your own is that the times when your brain thinks of something great to write about, you’re really not in the best of places to pen anything down.
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