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The Networked Hypothesis

The verdict is out there. At some level, it’s a numbers game. What level might that be? Well, we can always add the ever-mysterious, “It depends…” Numbers scream out something we all wish to, if we could. “I’m cooler”; “I’m richer”; “Better known than you”; “More networked and wired-in than the wires on your server…” Read the rest of this entry »

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The Conversation Starter

I’m sure you must’ve thought of this at some point too – how strange this phenomenon is! It almost borders on amusement. I’m talking of the way people greet each other every time their paths cross! Find out more…


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The Structured Dilemma

“I don’t think I’m getting an increment this year”, my friend exclaimed.  Read more…

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From Outlook to the World – Part II

In Part 1, I discussed the five most important things a first-time Outlook user should be aware of, in order to get cracking with their email accounts. In Part 2, I continue (and conclude) my list of 10 by speaking about the next five things you must know about your Outlook ID, before you sink into the depths of your project-work routine.  Read on…

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From Outlook to the World – Part 1

Perhaps most of what I am about to mention here applies to the Consulting world (and I would request you to excuse this fact as what I’m presenting here is my self-learnt knowledge of Outlook usage, which in turn, is limited to the Consulting world, and that too at a nascent stage). With this I begin.

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