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The Light Within

I just finished watching Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ted talk on creativity. (It’s funny how her talk, which has multiple references of Writer’s Block, actually prompted me to pick up my cell phone and start typing an article after three years- ironic!) In her talk, she informs us about how in ancient times creativity was associated with an external force and suggests that we all accept this long-forgotten notion so as to reduce the burden on our creative comrades.

This piece got me thinking about the term ‘creativity’ itself and the modern-day interpretation of it. Why is creativity associated with the most commercial aspects of our society alone? Come to think of it, when you hear the term, you probably think of writers, poets, actors or musicians alone. I say, aren’t we all creating something in our unique way, every single moment? Those string of words you just uttered or typed or tweeted, that’s unique to you. If not, the timing sure as hell is. The ingredients you blended together in your own special way with your own sweet timing to create your very unique dinner was done by the creative force within you. Sure, the recipe you used exists somewhere on the internet, but guess what? That dish, the exact same one, doesn’t exist anywhere else in our Universe (unless of course you believe in parallel universes, but that’s for another time).

It’s in everything you do – that wise-a$$ comeback to your friend’s comment, that dance jiggle to the tune, that well-timed hair-flip for your crush, all of it is unique to your existence and your place in this Universe.

We will all stand to truly benefit if we just turn our focus inwards, towards our own unique selves, to notice this creative genius within us (or outside us, guiding us – if you prescribe to what Elizabeth mentioned). Far too much time is spent in today’s world on external happenings of the commercial world – Facebook, Instagram and likes making us more aware of the greatness achieved by others while all the time moving us further and further away from the light within us. It’s amazing what we can achieve by just tuning in and listening to the magical whisperings of the creative force that lies within us all. And if you prescribed to what Elizabeth said, then now might be a good time to check in with your creative genius to see what you may bless the world with today – OLAY!

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