Tryst With Time

22 Jan

I recently undertook my first international journey. It was only when I completed 24hrs of travel and reached my destination that I realized: I was just 11.5 hrs behind. People say you ‘gain’ time; to me it felt like cheating nature… cheating time. Nature has its own way of getting back at you of course – it’s called jet lag.

Perhaps that is when you finally understand the essence of time. “Everything has its own time and place”, they say. “You’ll get it in time”. It all makes sense now. Things are meant to come with time. Your good times, your bad times, times you look forward to the most, times you look forward to the least. They are all there – in their own place, in their own time. You can try to reach them sooner, you can try and take some “direct flights” but there will be a lag you must bear later.

A wise person once told me that there is nothing reasonable that you can wish for right now and not have in the next 10 years. Most of us will say that’s too long a wait. We try and rush things; they may happen in a way that we want but there may be consequences we couldn’t have thought of.

Why do we rush things? Why do we want everything right away? Even when we know we aren’t ready for it? In our heart of hearts, we know – we know that the time isn’t right. Looking forward is one thing; craving for tomorrow to an extent that we forget today is pretty much losing yourself in time.

At the start of my journey, I was excited. I couldn’t wait to be on the other end of the world. The journey taught me patience. The two 10+hrs flights told me to wait patiently. The transit between the two told me to persist in my attempt. Clearing customs and immigration gave me a sense of value – to appreciate what is being given. Crossing the arrival gates and stepping into the cold air of a whole different continent felt like the last most cherished sip of the sweetest of wines… matured over time…

Take the journey I say… go through it all! See it through till the end. Many tell you that the journey might just be better than the destination… I say, it’s the journey that makes the destination worth it. The feeling of achievement that stems from the long wait you put in, your patience and perseverance that makes you own the moment, a deserving sense of pride that you made it through. Don’t deprive yourself of that. It is life’s best gifts you can give yourself… all in good time… all in time…

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One response to “Tryst With Time

  1. David

    January 24, 2012 at 10:49 PM

    a quick read that gives a sense of deja vu…. you captured it in words 🙂

    here’s to many more journeys ahead – hApPY jOurney!! 🙂


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