The Tradition

26 Dec

I wanted to write a short piece on traditions.

I’m not a very traditional person, per se. Being a part of a nuclear family, we didn’t have many family traditions to follow and I don’t quite believe in them personally.

So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that I follow some of my own ones! One such tradition came to light this month. I swear I didn’t realize it – I don’t quite know when it became a tradition for me.

It started when I was in school. Back then, sending greeting cards by post wasn’t that big a thing – after all, most of my peers didn’t really have internet connections and very few knew the power of email (not to mention, Facebook didn’t exist).

So I used to write out greeting cards and personally give them to my friends and family. I sometimes used to create them. Then Harry Potter happened and I made some dear friends online. I started sending them New Year cards too.

It has been 8 odd years and I still enjoy doing the same. People find it odd nowadays. Some even thought I was kidding when I asked them for their postal addresses this year. I particularly remember a comment, “E-cards won’t do? 🙂 ”

Sending out cards is very old school now. It’s also too much of a hassle – buy the cards, write them out, gather all the addresses, write out the addresses, go to the post office (and also: hunt for the post office), buy and paste postal stamps and worst of all, the wait and anticipation before the recipients actually receive them (if the cards are being delivered internationally, it can be weeks before they are delivered). And in some rare, heartbreaking cases, the cards don’t even reach. It’s not a wonder why most people don’t bother with them anymore.

Despite it all, I still enjoy writing out cards and going through the entire journey of posting them out every year. To me, they provide a personal touch; a feeling that someone thought of you and cares enough to do this for you. It is not the card that I wish to send, it is that feeling. And judging by the response I get, I know I succeed. More than that, it makes me happy, sending out cards.

I don’t know for how long I can sustain this one. But I shall try to keep it up.

And oh, I’ve gotten into the habit of decorating a Christmas tree too! I like keeping the cards under the tree until I send them off.

Reflecting on this, I can say one thing – it’s nice to have a tradition that is of your own. Something that you thought of and you sustain. No one asked you to do it – you just do because you enjoy doing it and no other reason. So I guess this is my tradition – have you discovered yours? 🙂

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2 responses to “The Tradition

  1. Janeen Stickle

    January 7, 2012 at 2:20 PM

    lol found your blog when searching for different beer brands, dont know how that happened!

    • inahans

      January 8, 2012 at 5:16 PM

      As long as you enjoyed reading (and that you weren’t re-directed from other “unauthorizedsite.coms”), it’s all cool! 😉


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