The Old List

08 Oct

I found this list in the “Notes” section of my Facebook page. A quick memory-jog reminds me that I wrote this in summer of 2009 while doing an Internship for my business school. I was 20 and it was my fist ‘job’, so to speak. I have a nagging feeling not much has changed.


You know you’ve spent wayy too much time in the office when…

1. You know which co-worker’s cell is ringing…even if it is on vibration mode

2. You are preparing for ‘THAT weekly meeting NEXT month’.

3. You can tell what temperature the AC is on…without even sticking your tongue out!

4. You get all excited about the new Spider Solitaire game you just dealt

5. You can recite a list of sites blocked by the company websense in your sleep

6. Dilbert offends you

7. Only your ideas get selected for ‘Fun @ workplace’ activities *smug smile*

8. You know everyone in the HR department

9. You don’t ‘get’ why Labour Day should be an off

10. You remember your colleagues’ full name, extension number, birth date- in that order

11. You get back as quickly as possible from the loo … every single time

12. You don’t find this list “funny”

13. According to you, your performance pay calculation was ‘mindbogglingly’ accurate

14. Your favourite coffee is the one served by the office vending machine…

15. You find thrill in using the shredding machine

16. You help everyone in finding pieces of stationary

17. You punch all documents in sight

19. You actually learnt how to fix the photocopier…

20. You DON’T suffer from Monday morning blues

21. No one can make a paper-airplane faster than you

22. You know how many light bulbs are there on the roof

23. You take out all extra paper from the dustbin…just so you could use the shredder again…

24. You type such a list…on the office intranet…


In today’s date, the only change I would like to make is to perhaps replace “Spider Solitaire” with “Angry Birds”…

PS – An interesting fact: I had presented this list as a part of my write-up for an organization that was about to carry out an interview process at my business school. I was hired and I still work with them. 🙂
Image courtesy Walsh Paper Distribution, Inc.

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2 responses to “The Old List

  1. Aparajita Sinha

    December 10, 2011 at 9:07 PM

    Ohhh…so this was the one!! LOL

    • inahans

      January 8, 2012 at 5:19 PM

      LOL yes, unfortunately/fortunately it is!


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