The Stuff for Thought

19 Aug

This thought keeps coming back to me no matter where I am or what I am going through: what is it that they really should be teaching at school? Is it the stuff that I was taught? Nah. After all, what out of all that I ‘studied’ can I not now Google? How much of it do I remember anyways? How much of it am I applying in life? The stuff that affects me at almost every step of my life isn’t something that was discussed, debated or even talked about anywhere. Not explicitly anyways.

So what is it that they ought to teach at schools? That we all ought to have been told of, warned of and guided on? I attempt to make a list here. As always, feel free to chip in!

Assume that this is all High School syllabus, taught right before kids go off to college (and take the first step in the journey of life!). In my list, there are four basic subjects, taught across five grades (and a fifth subject exclusively for Grade 5). These are:

  1. “You”
  2. “Relations: You and the World”
  3. “Negotiations: to make it all better”
  4. “Life”

I now present the themes for what will be covered at each Grade. Grade 1 being entry-level and Grade 5 being the one they attend right before leaving for college (and studying the stuff that will get them a job and money in their pockets!).


Grade 1: You: who and what

Grade 2: Brand: what you stand for

Grade 3: Perceptions: how to manage others’

Grade 4: You exist, therefore you are

Grade 5: Perfection: it’s a state of mind

“Relations: you and the world”

Grade 1: Importance: why you can’t stay alone

Grade 2: Sustain: why it takes effort

Grade 3: Reality: so everyone WON’T like you

Grade 4: Necessity: how to tolerate ANYONE

Grade 5: Beyond people: importance of not losing SELF

“Negotiations: to make it all better”

Grade 1: Facts vs. Beliefs

Grade 2: Right to opinion: have one

Grade 3: Right to dissent: others have one too!

Grade 4: The middle ground: it exists!

Grade 5: How to convince ANYONE: putting your point across


Grade 1: Its’ elements: ‘Good’, ‘Bad’ and ‘The Ugly’

Grade 2: Life and you: it’s a unique story

Grade 3: Stormy seas: roughing it out (how to ride out tough times)

Grade 4: The good times: be grateful and seek them out (light at the end of the tunnel)

Grade 5: Life and its meaning: find your own


Grade 5: No wrong answers

If only they taught this at school…


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2 responses to “The Stuff for Thought

  1. Atul

    August 19, 2011 at 2:04 PM

    Making of a child psychologist!! How right. These are the live subjects taught by life itself as it unfolds before us. Good food for thought. Keep it up.

  2. poisedpencil

    August 19, 2011 at 2:08 PM

    Chewing on it.. Will comment later! 😉


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