The Reel vs. Real Life

07 Aug

I was watching an old Bollywood super hit movie (DDLJ) on a rather sleepy Sunday afternoon, marveling at how larger-than-life stories appeal to us, even decades after they were first told.

If only our lives were just as dramatic and visually appealing…

I wonder what would happen if every time we desired something desperately, it would come true for us in a Shah Rukh Khan-appearing-in-a-dramatic-scene way (with the wind blowing fiercely all over to prove just how dramatic and exciting the turn of events are).

Picture this: the person you are mad about appears out of thin air, dazzling everyone around and does *insert your fantasy here* and you live happily ever after. Or that your CEO walks up to you and declares to the world that you are the reason why the company exists. Or that whatever you desire the most (a la Mirror of Erised) happens with a thunder of lightening in an otherwise sunny sky. Ah! Just how perfect it would all be.

Either that or how amusing life will be if every time we want to prove a point, we could all just burst into a song and dance routine. This would at least guarantee not a single dull moment in life.

So yes, the next time you have to give a rather serious presentation to the top honchos of your company or that you just have to nail that interview, try picturing your quarry singing out the questions for you with a dance step to compliment it (and you replying with a cleverly matched up jig). I can’t guarantee this would ensure you clear the interview (CAUTION: Risk of “LOL” spoiling your chances). However, it will definitely be more fun and who knows, it might just help in ways unknown. Do try this and let me know how it goes.

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One response to “The Reel vs. Real Life

  1. hitesh

    August 7, 2011 at 4:15 PM

    I guess fantasies should be there and in some way or other all the fantasies are inspired by reality. For e.g. Shah rukh Khan goin back to India to get her Simran…….may be the director would have seen this in reality…….(just an example)


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